Latest Punishment

Secret Empire #4 Action Figure Variant
It looks like not just Frank was getting a redesign. Not sure how I feel about the new Secret Empire Punisher, we’ll have to see how it plays out. I am digging the variant cover by John Tyler Christopher. Anway I hope you like the updated page. I’ll be starting in on the appearances […]
Deadpool vs. The Punisher #3 Pere Perez Variant
May’s releases include Deadpool #3 with a Pere Perez variant cover. Also Matt Horak and Becky Cloonan’s Punisher #12 wraps up the current arc.      
Punisher Vol 10 #11
In case you missed it… April saw the release of Punisher vol 10 #11 and Deadpool vs. Punisher #1 and #2 including 4 variant covers between them. We’re very busy working on a site redesign with some new additional features, we’ll be sure to update the archive with the latest issues, but whether we get […]
Punisehr Vol 10 #10 Jusko Variant
What a beauty this Joe Jusko corner box cover is. Jusko was commissioned to do over 20 covers in the style of thes vintage corner boxes. .And he did not disappoint with this Punisher. Issue #10 by Becky Cloonan and ¬†Matt Horak also has one more impressive feature, and it involves Frank and bear trap… […]