Doc Samson Vol 1 #3

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Mar, 1996
Cover Price: $1.95
Cover Artist(s): Ken Lashley, Tom Wegrzyn
Writer(s) Name: Dan Slott, Evan Skolnick
Artist(s) Name: Roberto Flores, Andrew Wildman
Colorer(s) Name: Christie Scheele
Inker(s) Name: Brad Vancala, Ralph Cabrera
Letterer(s) Name: Jack Morelli
Editor(s) Name: Chris Cooper


The world’s only hunky green-haired shrink needs some time alone! He tries to score it at convicted killer Crazy Eight’s grave, but winds up face-to-gun barrel with the Punisher! After a heated argument over capital punishment (remember, Doc helped send Frank to the chair), the Punisher offers to help the good doctor make a human quilt out of psycho-killer Patchwork, sewing with detonator bullets instead of needles!