Punisher Bloody Valentine

Publisher: Marvel Knights
Publish Date: Apr, 2006
Cover Price: $3.99
Cover Artist(s): Joe Jusko
Writer(s) Name: Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist(s) Name: Paul Gulacy
Colorer(s) Name: Paul Mounts
Inker(s) Name: James Palmiotti
Letterer(s) Name: Chris Eliopoulos

Don’t look now, something just sparked the little black pit in Frank Castle’s chest — the one that used to be a heart! The last time the Punisher saw the lovely and lethal assassin Suspiria, he was dropping her headfirst off a skyscraper. Now she’s back and it appears that she wants to kiss and make up. You see, the murderous pair have got a mutual enemy — an arch-villain whose pursuit will take them to Suspiria’s home turf of Rome. Can Frank withstand his partner’s charms? Does he want to?