Daughters of the Dragon Vol 1 (2006)

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  • Daughters of the Dragon Vol 1 #4

    The explosive kung fu action continues as Misty Knight loses her arm in a battle with Ricadonna over the stolen goods and must turn to Tony Stark for help. Meanwhile Humbug assists the girls in their hunt to locate a criminal deal involving members of the hand, Hydra and more. Chock full of villains and […]

  • Daughters of the Dragon Vol 1 #5

    With the auction for Ricadonna’s super computer virus rapidly approaching, Misty and Colleen call in favors from some of the most unlikely places as The Daughters of the Dragon pay a visit to The Punisher and Mole Man! Meanwhile the villains are all in town, including The Hand, Hydra, AIM and half a dozen global […]