Deadpool Vol 1 (1997)

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  • Deadpool Vol 1 #54

    End of the Road, Part 1 Deadpool is hired to kill the Punisher on behalf of the last heir of the Gnucci Crime Family, who won’t receive his inheritance until the Punisher is dead.

  • Deadpool Vol 1 #53

    Talk of the Town, part 2 Deadpool finally meets his match…and they’re schoolgirls! Continued from last month’s shock ending, Candy and Grace — the Mercy Sisters — continue their bloodhunt!

  • Deadpool Vol 1 #55

    End of the Road, Part 2 Deadpool and the Punisher: Round Two! Frank Castle killed Ma Gnucci… but will she get her final revenge? All Deadpool has to do is kill the Punisher and he gets the cash. Piece of cake, right? Wrong!