Deathlok Vol 2 (1991)

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  • Deathlok Vol 2 #6

    Similar Machines, part 1 Deathlok’s son, Nick, gets caught up with a drug gang led by Silvermane; Deathlok tries to save his son and meets the Punisher.

  • Deathlok Vol 2 #7

    Similar Machines, part 2 Deathlok and the Punisher save Nick Collins and take down Silvermane’s drug gang.

  • Deathlok Vol 2 #29

    Inner Fears Deathlok and Siege relive their pasts and assess their futures when the Goddess’ purification wave hits the earth; Infinity Crusade crossover. Cyberstrike Prologue, script by Gregory Wright, pencils by John Hebert, inks by Roy Richardson and Tim Tuohy; Timestream recruits the “original” alternate Earth-7484 Deathlok the Demolisher, now calling himself simply The Demolisher.