Marvel Age Vol 1 (1983)

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  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #126

    A look at Venom: Funeral Pyre, with comments from Carl Potts and Tom Lyle; Marvel and the Video Game Revolution: Part I

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #120

    10th Anniversary issue; 1-page strip by Fred Hembeck; 2-page ‘official map of the new Marvel Bullpen’; article on Doctor Strange and Secret Defenders; article on Venom limited series, with comments from Danny Fingeroth

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #117

    Bryan Hitch’s character design for Prime Evil, the villain from Team Helix; a look at the custom Tekworld page by Lee Sullivan featuring Dennis Miller; a look at the Marvel Masterpieces trading card set by Joe Jusko (part 1); 1-page Fred Hembeck strip; a look at Marvel 2099.

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #51

    Mike Baron and Klaus Janson discuss The Punisher ongoing series.

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #67

    Article on Punisher War Journal

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #72

    A look at the Marvel graphic novel collection; 2 strips by Fred Hembeck; article on Dino-Riders; a look at the Marvel trade paperback collection; The Punisher movie photo cover.

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #77

    Article on The Punisher Magazine

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #80

    Article on Punisher: Intruder graphic novel

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #101

    A look at Punisher: P.O.V., with comments from Jim Starlin and Nel Yomtov; 5-page preview of Punisher: P.O.V. by Starlin and Bernie Wrightson

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #108

    5-page preview of Ghost Rider Wolverine Punisher: Hearts of Darkness by Howard Mackie, Romita, Jr. and Klaus Janson

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #113

    Marvel Comics Collectors Classics – team-ups.

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #138

    A look at The Punisher Meets Archie, with comments from Batton Lash and Don Daley.

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #139

    A look at Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights, with comments from Chuck Dixon, Dennis O’Neil, Don Daley and John Romita, Jr.;

  • Marvel Age Vol 1 #135

    A look at the Punisher, with comments from Don Daley, Larry Hama, Steven Grant and Chuck Dixon;