Marvel Holiday Special (1991)

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  • Marvel Holiday Special 2006

    Join us in this year’s unbelievable follow-up to last year’s Harvey Award nominated Holiday Special! Thrill to the return of the Fin Fang Four! Enjoy the holidays with Thing and Annihlus! And much, much more!

  • Marvel Holiday Special 1993

    Spider-Man in “Hopes and Fears” by Steven Grant & Pat Broderick; Nick Fury in “Down Time” by Howard Chaykin; Tom DeFalco & Mark Gruenwald in “The Gift of the Marvelites” by Barry Dutter & Marie Severin; Captain Ultra in “Mud Pi” by Scott Lobdell & Dennis Jensen; Ghost Rider in “Harvey Teabiscuit’s Yule Log” by […]

  • Marvel Holiday Special 1992

    In The Spirit Of The Season This year features a Wolverine story by Larry Hama and Michael Golden, the New Warriors by Fabian Nicieza, Darick Robertson and Larry Mahlstedt, Thanos by Jim Starlin, Ron Lim and Terry Austin, and Spider-Man by Stan Lee, Steve Lightle and Al Milgrom. It also includes pinups by Dave Cockrum, […]

  • Marvel Holiday Special 1991

    X-Men in “A Miracle a Few Blocks Down from 32nd Street” by Scott Lobdell & Dave Cockrum. Fantastic Four in “A Christmas Coda” by Walt Simonson & Art Adams. Punisher in “Midnight Drear” by Steven Grant & Klaus Janson. Thor in “Twas a Midwinter’s Night” by Tom DeFalco & Sal Buscema. Captain America in “Precious […]