Nomad Vol 2 (1992)

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  • Nomad Vol 2 #4

    Dead Man’s Hand part 2: Neon Knights The government has promised to clear Nomad’s criminal record if he is willing to kill the Slug; Jack heads to Vegas to track the villain down. Little does he know that the Slug is attending a super secret meeting of bad guys who are dividing up the Kingpin’s […]

  • Nomad Vol 2 #5

    Dead Man’s Hand part 4: Suicide Kings Punisher saves Baby Bucky from the Praetorians motorcycle gang; Nomad has another encounter with Bushwacker where he learns that the villain shot Legs and took Bucky from her; Punisher shows up with the baby in question and Nomad tricks him into handing over Bucky so the vigilante can […]

  • Nomad Vol 2 #6

    Dead Man’s Hand part 8: The Mortal Coil Shuffle As Nomad helps Daredevil and the Punisher clean up the villains attending a secret conference to divide up the Kingpin’s empire, he observes both of their methods and philosophies as he tries to decide whether he can bring himself to kill the Slug and clear his […]

  • Nomad Vol 2 #15

    Love, Hate & Everything in Between Hidden in View Part Four Love, Hate & Everything in Between, script by Fabian Nicieza, pencils by Pat Olliffe, inks by Bill Anderson and Greg Adams; Hate Monger tries to defeat Jack by confronting him with everyone he hates.

  • Nomad Vol 2 #25

    American Dreamers: Part 4 of 4 It’s the explosive final issue! Nomad’s fate is sealed when he faces a menace from his childhood nightmares!