Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 (1976)

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  • Peter Parker, TheSpectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 #78

    The Long Goodbye! Peter Parker spends the day taking care of personal business in case he loses his upcoming fight with Dr. Octopus. He has lunch with old friends Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn, and then makes a special trip to Queens to visit Aunt May. Meanwhile back at the hospital, Captain DeWolff and her […]

  • Peter Parker, TheSpectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 #79

    Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus — The Final Battle! It’s a cover-to-cover slugfest between the Spectacular Spider-Man and his long-time foe, Doctor Octopus! The savage battle begins outside the hospital, but quickly moves inside. While the fight is raging, Captain Jean DeWolff leads the fleeing ambulance convoy carrying Felicia down the west side highway. But the […]

  • Peter Parker, TheSpectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 #81

    Stalkers in the Shadows Part 1of 3 With help from Boomerang, the Punisher busts out of the slammer! Now as a free man, the vengeful vigilante eyes a big target…the Kingpin! However, before the Punisher tackles the kingpin of crime, he shoots up some of the local riff-raff. And that draws the attention of Cloak […]

  • Peter Parker, TheSpectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 #82

    Crime and Punishment Part 2 of 3 The Kingpin’s office tower is the center of all the action! First, the web-slinger arrives in the Kingpin’s office, then Cloak and Dagger, and finally the Punisher! Three of the four want to kill the Kingpin, and the fourth one can’t believe he’s fighting to save him! The […]

  • Peter Parker, TheSpectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 #83

    Delusions┬áPart 3 of 3. Peter Parker and Ben Urich attend the Punisher’s arraignment hearing at the courthouse. It’s a sad ending for Frank Castle as the once proud vigilante is sentenced to a mental institution for his attacks on the civilian populace. However, the one-man war against crime will return with a vengeance in his […]