Powerless Vol1 (2004)

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  • Powerless Vol 1 #1

    What makes a hero? Is it his actions, or is it the results of those actions? POWERLESS explores what it means to be a hero in very human terms. By re-imagining Marvel’s most popular characters without superhuman powers, this series will strip down to the core heroes we have all come to know and love. […]

  • Powerless Vol 1 #2

    Peter Parker, Matt Murdock & Logan were fated to be heroes. If Peter Parker wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider would he still do battle with a madman named Norman Osborn? Matt Murdock, though blinded, had no heightened senses. Nevertheless, he became a legal champion of the poor in Hell’s Kitchen, crossing paths with a […]

  • Powerless Vol 1 #3

    Logan. Peter Parker. Matt Murdock. What If these icons were left powerless? Would their destinies change? Find out in this mind-blowing take from writers Matt Chernis and Peter Johnson and Alias artist Michael Gaydos. In this issue, Matt Murdock’s life is about to take a turn for the worse, courtesy of the Kingpin.

  • Powerless Vol 1 #4

    With great power must come great responsibility… but when the entire Marvel Universe is recast as a world that is powerless… are our heroes still noble? Was it the radioactive spider bite that made Peter Parker a hero and Norman Osborn a villain? Or was it destiny?

  • Powerless Vol 1 #5

    Powerless nears its climactic conclusion as events surrounding Logan, Peter Parker, and Matt Murdock cause each of them to reach their breaking point. Logan finally gets his opportunity to get answers to the questions that have haunted him. Parker discovers that sometimes a person’s actions can have disastrous unintended consequences, and Murdock tries to climb […]

  • Powerless Vol 1 #6

    The mysteries of the Powerless universe are finally revealed in the series’ climactic conclusion! What devastating truth will psychiatrist William Watts learn when the lives of Peter Parker, Matt Murdock and Logan all converge on him for the last time? In a world without powers, who will live and who will die? And who will […]