Ravage 2099 Vol 1 (1992)

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  • Ravage 2099 Vol 1 #22

    “Exodus” Hold onto your horns! Ravage is in for a family feud which will send the Beast-Man heading for the hills. That’s right — Ravage is leaving New York for greener pastures than the Green Globe environmental agency. Look for lots of loose ends to be tied and a major turning point for this title […]

  • Ravage 2099 Vol 1 #16

    “Mark of the Beast” No longer content to sit idly by while the world becomes even more polluted, Paul-Phillip takes his fight right to the source: the corporate sleazebags behind it! Plus: At last — a madman to match the fury of Ravage! Who is he? What is he? Find out within!

  • Ravage 2099 Vol 1 #15

    Fall of the Hammer: Part 2 of 5 “Horns of a Dilemma” The first-ever 2099 crossover continues! Thor is coming, and Baldur is his prophet. How will the Thorites react when the object of their worship arrives? And, how can Ravage defeat the Goddess of Death when her name is Tiana?

  • Ravage 2099 Vol 1 #13

    “Apocalypse Next” The Fearmaster guests! Behold the Animek! Ravage stumbles onto the secret of Alchemax’s floating city of Valhalla!

  • Ravage 2099 Vol 1 #14

    “Clouds of Doom” Don’t miss the showdown between Ravage and X-11, the mystically powered assassin! Then, watch the fur really fly when a futuristic hunter decides Ravage would make a perfect addition to his zoo!