Spectacular Spider-Girl Vol 2 (2010)

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  • Spectacular Spider-Girl Vol 2 #11

    MARVEL DIGITAL COMICS EXCLUSIVE The gang war heats up and watch for a last page reveal that will rock Mayday Parker’s world! SOMEONE’s coming to town…and a lifelong war on crime is rekindled.

  • Spectacular Spider-Girl Vol 2 #1

    Back to the War! SPIDER-GIRL’S BACK–AND SHE’S BROUGHT THE PUNISHER WITH HER! As a gang war threatens to tear her world apart and her clone, the Venom-like hybrid April Parker adopts a deadly new identity, MayDay Parker’s share of the old Parker luck gets cranked up to eleven when Frank Castle comes out of retirement! […]

  • Spectacular Spider-Girl Vol 2 #2

    In the Shadow of Death! It’s Spider-Girl vs. Spider-Girl! Desperate to stop the gang war between the Black Tarantula and Silverback before the Punisher hits town, Spider-Girl goes on a crime-stopping rampage which forces Man Mountain Marko to unleash his deadliest weapon–May’s own clone, April! PLUS: American Dream protects the city streets in a gang […]

  • Spectacular Spider-Girl Vol 2 #3

    Caught Between Killers! It’s an all battle issue as Spider-Girl confronts the Punisher and Wild Card before finding herself caught between the Black Tarantula and the merciless Mayhem.

  • Spectacular Spider-Girl Vol 2 #4

    The Invisible Hand! THE GANG WAR ENDS – BUT NO ONE TOLD THE HOBGOBLIN! Still reeling from last issue’s betrayal by Mayhem and the stunning revelation about Wild Card, Spider-Girl heads into her final confrontation with Silverback, the Black Tarantula and the Punisher and the Hobgoblin! Has time finally run out for Mayday Parker?!