Underworld (2006)

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  • Underworld #3

    Underworld Part 3 Ex-con and old school gangster Jackie Dio just can’t adjust to life outside the joint. He’s been beaten up, gassed, and now jacked-up versions of Boomerang and The Grizzly are ready to use Jackie’s face as messy evidence of just how formidable the Consultant’s upgrades have made them. As if that weren’t […]

  • Underworld #4

    Underworld Part 4 Ex-con Jackie Dio is on the run… from the cops, super-goons Boomerang and Grizzly, and even the Punisher himself. Lucky for him, gadget guru the Mechanic has all the cool toys, and he’s willing to share. But can anything save Jackie when he confronts the Punisher in a knock-down, drag-out, knuckle-busting brawl?