Venom Funeral Pyre (1993)

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  • Venom Funeral Pyre #1

    Part One: Turning on the Heat The Punisher guest stars in this 3-issue limited series, and the team up of two of Marvel’s most popular characters is commemorated with a cover enhanced with flaming holografx foil that simulates the flickering effect of real fire. Then meet an all new villain!  

  • Venom Funeral Pyre #2

    Part Two: High Tension When Venom and the Punisher team up to take on street gangs armed with super technology, they witness the birth of the new super villain, Pyre!

  • Venom Funeral Pyre #3

    Part Three: Feed the Pyre The dynamic limited series concludes. The Punisher and Venom go head to head before teaming up to take on Pyre, the brutal new menace!