Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 #15

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Oct, 1981
Cover Price: $.75
Cover Artist: Frank Miller, Klaus Janson
Writer: Dennis O'Neil
Artist: Frank Miller
Colorer: Bob Sharen
Inker: Klaus Janson
Letterer: Jim Novak
Editor: Tom DeFalco

Spider-Man: Threat or Menace?

Guest-starring the Punisher. Script by Denny O’Neil. Art by Frank Miller (breakdowns) and Klaus Janson (finishes). Cover by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. The dynamic art tandem that took the Daredevil series to new heights in the early 1980’s teams up to bring Spider-Man and the Punisher together again! But this time the web-slinger and the gun-toting vigilante are not facing the likes of Jigsaw or the Hitman! Their adversary is a certain six-armed super-villain…planning nothing less than the murder of five million people! The Punisher takes the first shot at Dr. Octopus in the city morgue! And later on the wondrous wall-crawler takes the last one at the Daily Bugle! Can Spidey get the story to press before Doc Ock?