Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #357

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Jan, 1992
Cover Price: $1.00
Cover Artist: Mark Bagley
Writer: Al Milgrom
Artist: Mark Bagley
Colorer: Bob Sharen
Inker: Randy Emberlin
Letterer: Joe Rosen
Editor: Danny Fingeroth

“A Bagel with Nova!” Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge Part 5 of 6.

The Punisher, Moon Knight, Nova, Night Thrasher, and Darkhawk guest star. Midnight and the Secret Empire members arrive at their Queens location; The disguised and still-weakened Punisher tries to get a message to Spidey but passes out; The heroes, tired and testy, decide to call it a night. Punisher revives and. as Number 3. frees Nova, who totals the transmission jammer and broadcasts a signal; Punisher then convinces his fellow Empire members to attack Midnight, who quickly defeats them; His cover blown; Punisher flees even as the heroes converge on Nova’s signal. Spotting the Moon Copter, Darkhawk follows; The heroes battle Midnight and the Empire’s troops joined by Dr. Franklin as a new technology-derived Thunderball who knocks out the arriving Darkhawk.