Captain America Annual Vol 1 #10

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: May, 1991
Cover Price: $2.00
Cover Artist: Mike Mignola
Writer: D.G. Chichester
Artist: Mike Manley
Colorer: Ed Lazellari
Inker: Mike Manley
Letterer: Rick Parker
Editor: Ralph Macchio
Additional Notes: Punisher appears in photo

Call of Duty: Part 3 “the Von Strucker Gambit.”

Story continues from Punisher Annual 4. Hydra’s bizarre and deadly game of cat-and-mouse continues! At the Double Helix Research Facility, the star-spangled avenger interrupts a robbery in progress by Romulus! Who is this savage killer? Just one of Hydra’s genetically-modified assassins! After Cap drives her away, the shield-slinger and Nick Fury compare notes to get to the bottom of Hydra’s gambit! However later on when the World War II legends visit a leading genetic scientist, Romulus attacks again! But this time she is under attack herself from another Hydra assassin…Dakini! And as expected the red, white, and blue avenger is caught in the middle! Can Captain America and Nick Fury weave their way through the many arms and assassins of Hydra? Or will the slippery subversive organization win again?