Daredevil | The Punisher: Child’s Play

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Jan, 1988
Cover Price: $4.95
Cover Artist: Frank Miller
Writer: Frank Miller
Artist: Klaus Jansen

Collects Daredevil (1964-1998 1st Series ) #182-194. Written by Frank Miller. Art by Frank Miller and Klaus Jansen. Cover by Frank Miller. The Protector of Hell’s Kitchen and the man in the skull t-shirt tackle the drug problem that is running rampant among America’s youth. The Punisher has just escaped prison and he aims to take out the drug pushers in his own unique fashion, one bullet at a time. Can Daredevil coral this vigilante and protect the local kids from the illegal drugs that threaten their lives? A must read for any Daredevil/Punisher/Miller fan.