Gambit Vol 1 #2

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Jun, 1994
Cover Price: $2.00
Cover Artist: Lee Weeks
Writer: Howard Mackie
Artist: Lee Weeks
Colorer: Steve Buccellato
Inker: Klaus Janson
Letterer: Richard Starkings
Editor: Bob Harras

Honor Amongst Thieves

Gambit returns to New Orleans and finds the wife he thought was dead alive but in a coma; Bella Donna’s father, Marius, challenges Remy to a duel of honor but their fight is broken up by Julien and his rogue assassins; Rogue helps Gambit take Bella Donna to the Thieves Guild but they interrupt the tithing ceremony and the Tithe Collector leaves in a huff; Remy demands that his father give Bella Donna a sip of the Elixir of Life, a serum provided by the External, Candra, which is the secret to the Thieves Guild’s longevity; When his father refuses, Gambit decides to get some of the serum for himself; Julien and his assassins have the same idea as they attack the Tithe Collector for a vial of the serum; Gambit leaves Rogue to guard Bella Donna as he prepares to confront Candra herself.