Incredible Hulk Annual Vol 1 #17

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Jul, 1991
Cover Price: $2.00
Cover Artist: Ron Wagner, Bob McLeod
Writer: Peter David
Artists: John Romita, Ron Wagner
Colorers: Mike Thomas, Glynis Oliver
Inkers: Fred Fredricks, Mike Witherby, Al Milgrom
Letterers: Brad K. Joyce, Mike Heisler
Editor: Bobbie Chase
Additional Notes: Punisher toy featured in "As Old as the Hills"

SUBTERRANEAN WARS: Part 2 of 5  “Old As the Hills.”

Plus the back-up stories: “Vicious Cycle”; “Mean Joe” (five contest winners featured in short story); “Hero Worship” (starring Rick Jones); and “Not to the Swift” (starring the Pantheon).