Marvel Holiday Special 1993

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Jan, 1994
Cover Price: $2.95
Cover Artist: Mike Kaluta
Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Editor: Tom DeFalco
Additional Notes: 1994 on cover, c1993 indicia.

Spider-Man in “Hopes and Fears” by Steven Grant & Pat Broderick; Nick Fury in “Down Time” by Howard Chaykin; Tom DeFalco & Mark Gruenwald in “The Gift of the Marvelites” by Barry Dutter & Marie Severin; Captain Ultra in “Mud Pi” by Scott Lobdell & Dennis Jensen; Ghost Rider in “Harvey Teabiscuit’s Yule Log” by Ann Nocenti, Tom Grindberg & Bob Almond; Hulk in “Free Will” by Peter David, Ron Lim & Bill Anderson. Pin-ups by Pat Olliffe & Michael Golden, Alex Saviuk, Tom Morgan, Nick Nepolitano, Dennis & Ryan Jensen.