Marvel Knights Vol 1 #10

Publisher: Marvel Knights
Publish Date: Apr, 2001
Cover Price: $2.99
Cover Artist: Trent Kaniuga
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Ed Barreto
Colorer: Dave Kemp
Inker: Nelson DeCastro
Letterers: Richard Starkings, Saida Temofonte
Editors: Nanci Dakesian, Stuart Moore

Direct Edition

“The Good with the Bad”

Ride along with the Punisher on the trip we never thought he’d take to the slammer! Will Frank Castle pay for his crimes? Or will he use his “Get out of jail free” card? And speaking of rides, Dagger and the Black Widow discover that they no longer have one when Natasha’s car is stolen?the trouble is, the car was made by S.H.I.E.L.D.!