Maximum Security Vol 1 #1

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Nov, 2000
Cover Price: $2.99
Cover Artists: Jerry Ordway
Writers: Jerry Ordway, Kurt Busiek
Artist: Jerry Ordway
Colorer: Jason Wright
Inkers: Al Vey, Chris Ivy, Paul Ryan, Will Bllyberg
Letterers: Richard Starkings, Albert Deschesne
Editors: Tom Brevoort, Sumerak

Illegal Aliens

Marvel’s massive line-wide cosmic crossover begins!

A worldwide rash of alien menaces spreads, threatening to overrun humantiy? not to mention Earth’s superhuman community! And as if dealing with the U.S.Agent in his new role as a federal “superhuman sheriff” wasn’t enough, the Avengers face a bigger problem in the the person of Ronan the Accuser?who declares that, now and forevermore, Earth shall be a prison planet for the universe’s worst criminals! ?