Namor the Sub-Mariner Vol 1 #19

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Oct, 1991
Cover Price: $1.00
Cover Artist: John Byrne
Writer: John Byrne
Artist: John Byrne
Colorer: Glynis Oliver
Inker: John Byrne
Letterer: John Byrne
Editor: Terry Kavanagh

“9 Wives!” Part 1 of 2.

Guest-starring the Punisher, Namorita and Spitfire. Shanna the She-Devil cameo. Story, art, and cover by John Byrne. With the mystery of Danny Rand behind him, Namor turns his attentions to discovery the secrets behind the return of Lady Dorma. He soon discovers a shocking revelation about his cousin Namorita. Plus, Desmond Mars faces the justice of the Punisher!