Nightstalkers Vol 1 #5

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Mar, 1993
Cover Price: $1.75
Cover Artist: Ron Garney, Tom Palmer
Writer: D.G. Chichester
Artist: Ron Garney
Colorer: Joh Kalisz
Inker: Tom Palmer
Letterer: John Costanza
Editors: Hildy Mesnik, Bobbie Chase, James Felder

When the Nightstalkers try to stop Shiv and his coven from finishing their sacrificial rites Shiv manages to escape; He then kills Beth and Benny Casim and burns Adam Casim horribly before Blade can stop him. To keep from blowing their cover as Borderline Investigative Services the Nightstalkers allow both Shiv and Adam Casim to be taken to the hospital; The Punisher visits Adam Casim there and vows to punish Shiv, who has escaped from custody while being transported to prison in an ambulance after his surgery.