Original Sin Vol 1 #1

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Jul, 2014
Cover Price: $3.99
Cover Artist: Julian Totino Tedesco
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.
Colorer: Frank Martin
Inker: Mike Deodato Jr.
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
Editors: Tom Brevoort, Will Moss

No One Is Watching

  • The Watcher, the mysterious space-god who’s been watching us from the moon for as long as we can remember… is dead. Thus begins the greatest murder mystery in Marvel Comics history.
  • As Nick Fury leads the heroes of the Marvel Universe in an investigation, other forces are marshaling as well and other questions are arising. Why is Black Panther gathering a secret team of his own, including Emma Frost, the Punisher and Dr. Strange?
  • Who is the Unseen? What was the Original Sin? What was stolen from the Watcher’s lair?
  • And most importantly, who now holds the Marvel Universe’s darkest secrets in the palm of their hand?