Punisher 2099 #13

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Feb, 1994
Cover Price: $1.25
Cover Artists: Ron Lim
Writers: Pat Mills, Tony Skinner
Artist: Tom Morgan
Colorer: Ian Laughlin
Inker: Jimmy Palmiotti
Letterers: Phil Felix, Loretta Krol
Editors: Joey Cavalieri, Matt Mora
Guest Appearances: Spider-Man 2099, Doom 2099, Ravage 2099

“THE FALL OF THE HAMMER: Part 5 of 5 – All for One”

In the conclusion to the first-ever 2099 crossover, Spider-Man 2099 teams up with Jake Gallows to save the doomed city of Valhalla! And what is the fate of the New Asgardians? Also featuring appearances by Doom 2099 and Ravage 2099.