Punisher 2099 #25

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Feb, 1995
Cover Price: $2.25
Cover Artists: Simon Coleby
Writers: Pat Mills, Tony Skinner
Artists: Joe Bennett, Scott Koblish, Luke Ross, Tom Morgan
Colorers: Megan McDowell, Ian Laughlin, Justin C. Nisbet
Inkers: Simon Coleby, Brad Vancata, Hector Collazo, Keith Williams,
Letterers: Vickie Williams, Janic Chiang
Editors: Joey Cavalieri, Matt Mora

52-page giant; Embossed foil cover.


“Public Enemy 2: Part 2 of a Once-in-a-Lifetime Prequel”

“Rig World”

The Punisher of 2099 celebrates his 25th big issue! There’s no stopping a Punisher-gone-crazy! After falling under the spell of a techno-assassin, the Punisher embarks on a frenzied carnage spree.