Punisher 2099 #3

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Apr, 1993
Cover Price: $1.25
Cover Artists: Tom Morgan
Writers: Pat Mills, Tony Skinner
Artist: Tom Morgan
Colorer: Ian Laughlin
Inker: Jimmy Palmiotti
Letterer: Ken Lopez
Editors: Joey Cavalieri, Matt Mora
Guest Appearance: Jigsaw 2099

“Last Exit From the Bronx”

Punisher stops the dealer who was selling illegal virtual reality discs and takes him to the Punishment Hotel where decides to imprison him for 20 years; Later at work Punisher finds out that the girl who was buying virtual reality discs jumped off the bridge and died while being under their influence; The Punisher heads back to the Punishment Hotel and changes the sentence from 20 years to execution.