Punisher Back to School Special #1

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Oct, 1992
Cover Price: $2.95
Cover Artists: Bill Sienkiewicz, George Roussos
Writers: Chuck Dixon, Tom Brevoort, Barry Dutter, Mike Kanterovich
Artists: Mark Nelson, Walter McDaniel, Greg Luzniak, Kevin Kobasic, Alexander Morrissey, John Ridgeway
Colorers: Gregory Wright, Kevin Tinsley, Ed Lazellari
Inkers: Mark Nelson, J.J. Birch, JeffAlbrecht, John Ridgway
Letterers: Willie Schubert, Kenny Lopez, Richard Starkings, Phil Felix
Editor: Don Daley

Four Punisher Tales –

“The Sinner!” A poignant moment, as Frank Castle visits the graves of his family.

“Mott Haven 10454!” Frank Castle goes undercover at a high school to discover the origins of illegal guns being sold to teenagers.

“Childs Play!” A youngster soon learns that it’s a dangerous game to idolize a man like the Punisher.

“Back to School!” ¬†Two teens skip school to run drugs for a local mobster. The Punisher shows them the error of their ways.