Punisher Back to School Special #2

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Oct, 1993
Cover Price: $2.95
Cover Artists: Bill Sienkiewicz
Writers: Mike Lackey, Steven Grant, DanSlott,
Artists: Ernie Stiner, Kobasic, Dale Eaglesham, Neil Hansen
Colorers: Joe Andreani, Schelele, Tinsley
Inkers: Frank Percy, Pat Redding, Neil Hansen, Joe Rubinstein
Letterers: Richard Starkings, John Gaushell, Steve Dutro, David Sharpe
Editor: Don Daley

Four Punisher Tales

“No Pain!” The Punishwer sets out to stop a steroid scandal.

“Stage Fright!” The Punisher means to stop a heavy metal band that murders people on stage.

“Lost Lands!” When an army of homeless are led by a madman, the Punisher decides to intervene.

“Sorry, My Mistake!” At a police station, Frank identifies a murdered in a line-up then proceeds to shoot him. Now, he just has to get out alive.