Punisher Magazine UK #11

Publisher: Marvel UK
Publish Date: Oct, 1989
Release Date: Oct, 1989
Cover Price: $40p
Cover Artist: Kev Hopgood
Writer: Mike Baron
Artist: David Ross
Colorer: John Wellington
Inker: Kevin Nowlan
Letterer: Ken Bruzenak
Editor: Steve White
Additional Notes:

Reprints the Punisher vol 2 #6


From Opening Shots:
You must know how it feels to be woken up in the wee-small hours of the morning by the dustmen. The clang of bins, the splat of mouldy nappies, the considerate, husband whispers of your friendly rubbish collectors. You could just kill them, couldn’t you. In New Jersey, home of, amongst others, The Punisher, somebody has been. But there’s more to this than just somebody having their beauty-sleep ruined. When The Punisher investigates, it opens up a whole can of worms, or should that be drum of toxic waste?