Punisher Magazine UK #17

Publisher: Marvel UK
Publish Date: Nov, 1989
Release Date: Nov, 1989
Cover Price: $40p
Cover Artist: Kev O'Neill
Writer: Mike Baron
Artist: Whilce Portacio
Colorer: John Wellington
Inker: Scott Williams
Letterer: Ken Bruzenak
Editor: Steve White
Additional Notes:

Reprints the Punisher vol 2 #12

Castle Technique

From Opening Shots:
Guess what? The Punisher is going to break into a Maximum Security Prison to rescue a deranged multiple killer in a helicopter. He’s then going to take the killer to a gang of murderers hiding under a cloak of political terrorism. The good news is that the killer is never going to make it as far as his friends. That’s because The Punisher thinks that the Judicial system needs a little helping hand in providing a realistic sentence to a man who has killed twelve and may have killed 35 more. Nuff said.