Punisher Magazine UK #18

Publisher: Marvel UK
Publish Date: Dec, 1989
Release Date: Dec, 1989
Cover Price: $45p
Cover Artist: Geoff Senior
Writer: Mike Baron
Artist: Whilce Portacio
Colorer: Mark Chiarello
Inker: Scott Williams
Letterer: Ken Bruzenak
Editor: Steve White
Additional Notes:

Reprints the Punisher vol 2 #13

Sacrifice Play

From Opening Shots:
Punisher loves it when a plan comes together. Understandably, he’s none to happy at the moment, because his efforts to helpa mass killer on his way to hell have gone a little astray. Having gone to enormous lengths to free the murderer from a maximum security prison, he then beats The Punisher to a pulp, then gets killed by his supposed friends. Confusing huh? Fortunately, The Punisher does have one thing in his favour — an old Vietnam buddy who has come to his aid …