Punisher Magazine UK #29

Publisher: Marvel UK
Publish Date: Feb, 1990
Release Date: Feb, 1990
Cover Price: $45p
Cover Artist: Staz Johnson
Writer: Mike Baron
Artist: Shea Aonton Pensa
Colorer: Max Scheele
Inker: Gerry Talaoc
Letterer: Ken Bruzenak
Editor: Steve White
Additional Notes:

Reprints Punisher vol 2 #20

Bad Trip

From Opening Shots:
The Punisher‘s exchanged the scum-sucking hellhole of New York for the bright lights and smog of Las Vegas. He’s hoping to deal a dead man’s hand to an assassin, Belzer, who’s out to get a key witness in a major case against organised crime. Btu with both hitmen undercover in a Vegas casino, the roulette wheel is spinning, the odds are even and aces are wild. But who’s gonna be the one to cash in his chips?