Punisher Magazine UK #3

Publisher: Marvel UK
Publish Date: Aug, 1989
Release Date: Aug, 1989
Cover Price: $40p
Cover Artist: Geoff Senior
Writer: Steven Grant
Artist: Mike Zeck
Colorer: Mike Zeck
Inker: John Beatty
Letterer: Ken Bruzenak
Editor: Steve White
Additional Notes:

Reprints Punisher vol 1 #3

Magazine includes a Mike Zeck poster of the cover of Punisher #1

Circle of Blood: chapter 3

From Opening Shots:
It is Slaughterday. With the Kingpin supposedly dead, rival factions of The Mob have turned New York into a battleground. Amid the carnage. The Punisher can only stand and watch as more and more innocent lives are lost in the crossfire from the war he started. The fighting must be stopped. To do this, he must turn to The Trust, a group of incompetent but powerful citizens dedicated to the destruction of organised crime, and to a small-fry mobster …