Punisher Noir #2 b

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Nov, 2009
Cover Price: $3.99
Cover Artist: Dennis Calero
Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Antonio Fuso
Colorer: Nick Filardi
Inker: Antonio Fuso
Letterer: Joe Sabino
Editors: Sebastion Gimer, Alex Alonso

Dennis Calero variant cover

“Punisher & Son”

Frank Castle has come face to face with the evil that men do, in the trench warfare of the muddy battlefields of World War I. He’s come home only to see his city carved up amongst the mob families, as the power of organized crime syndicates rise up to challenge that of the government. In reaction to the Punisher’s War on Crime, two hitmen are dispatched to deal with him permanently: a killer whose face is a roadmap of hell, and the biggest, meanest mountain of muscle ever to come from the streets of Harlem. With Jigsaw and Barracuda on the scene, “paint the town red” will take on a whole new meaning.