Punisher Vol 13 #3 c

Paul Azaceta 2nd print variant

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Jul, 2022
Release Date: Jul, 2022
Cover Price: $5.99
Cover Artist: Paul Azaceta
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artists: Jesus Saiz, Paul Azaceta
Colorer: David Stewart
Letterer: Cory Petit
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Guest Appearances: The Hand, Ares, Aposles of War, Archpreistess

“The King of Killers – Book One, Chapter Three: Frank’s First Sacrament”

To finish his war once and for all, Frank Castle is molding the ninjas of the Hand into his own army of unstoppable killers, by teaching them the Way of the Punisher. The secret lies in a story from his past that he’s never revealed to anyone: the story of Frank’s first kill.