Punisher War Journal Vol 2 #12 b

December 2007, $2.99 “World War Frank”
Cover Artist: Ariel Olivetti
Writer: Matt Fraction
Pencils: Ariel Olivetti
Inks: Ariel Olivetti
Colors: Ariel Olivetti
Letterers: Russ Wooton
Editor: Aubrey Sitterson
Appearance: Hulk

With WORLD WAR HULK in full swing and New York shut off from the outside world, who’s left to protect those left behind? Frank @#$%!@!* Castle, that’s who — and he’s none too thrilled. As the insatiable MUNG THE INCONCEIVABLE rampages through lower Manhattan, Frank and Clarke help a small band of refugees hold back his relentless onslaught. The Punisher? World War Hulk? Alien Invasion, Manhattan in ruins? This is the book Ariel Olivetti was born to draw.