Ravage 2099 Vol 1 #16

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Mar, 1994
Release Date: Jan, 1994
Cover Price: $1.25
Cover Artists: Grant Miehm
Writers: Pat Mills, Tony Skinner
Artist: Grant Miehm
Colorer: Gina Going
Inker: Keith Williams
Letterer: Phil Felix
Editors: Joey Cavalieri, Matthew Morra
Guest Appearance: Punisher (Jake Gallows) appearance
Additional Notes:

Agent Jake Gallows (Punisher) appears in a flashback.

“Mark of the Beast”

No longer content to sit idly by while the world becomes even more polluted, Paul-Phillip takes his fight right to the source: the corporate sleazebags behind it! Plus: At last — a madman to match the fury of Ravage! Who is he? What is he? Find out within!