Ruins Vol 1 #1

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Aug, 1995
Cover Price: $4.95
Cover Artist: Terese Nielsen, Joe Kaufman
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artists: Cliff Nielsen, Terese Nielsen
Colorers: Cliff Nielsen, Terese Nielsen
Inkers: Cliff Nielsen, Terese Nielsen
Letterer: Jon Babcock
Editor: Marie Javins

A Marvel Alterniverse title! Instead of the Age of Heroes, Marvels photojournalist Phil Sheldon finds: the Avengers as outlaws; Peter Parker infecting his co-workers with a raging radioactive virus; and President X seen walking with a winged figure! Crafted by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Cliff and Terese Nielsen, this Marvel Alterniverse series puts a whole new spin on the term “What If?” Acetate outer cover.

NOTE: This title was reprinted in January 2009. The reprint collects both the first and the second, harder to find issue.