Spectacular Spider-Man vol 1 #78

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: May, 1983
Cover Price: $.60
Cover Artist: Al Milgrom
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artist: Al Milgrom
Colorer: Bob Sharen
Inker: Jim Mooney
Letterer: Joe Rosen
Editor: Tom DeFalco

The Long Goodbye!

Peter Parker spends the day taking care of personal business in case he loses his upcoming fight with Dr. Octopus. He has lunch with old friends Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn, and then makes a special trip to Queens to visit Aunt May. Meanwhile back at the hospital, Captain DeWolff and her police officers are guarding the Black Cat until Spider-Man returns. With all the goodbyes said, the stage is now set for another great Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock showdown! Cameo appearances by the Punisher, Boomerang, and the Black Cat’s mother (aka Lydia Hardy). (Notes: Due to Peter’s decision in Amazing Spider-Man 243 to drop out of graduate school, this issue marks the final appearances of the ESU supporting cast (including Dr. Sloan and Marcy Kane) in the Spectacular Spider-Man title. The letters page includes a statement of ownership: average print run 377,302; average paid circulation 172,262.)