Spider-Man Maximum Clonage Alpha Gold

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Aug, 1995
Cover Price: $4.95
Cover Artist: Robert Brown, Terry Austin
Writer: Tom Lyle
Artists: Robert Brown, Roy Burdine, Mark Bagley, Tom Lyle
Colorer: John Kalisz
Inkers: Sam De La Rosa, Randy Emberlin, Roy Burdine, Al Milgrom, Scott Hanna
Letterers: Joe Rosen, Susan Crespi
Editors: Danny Fingeroth, Bob Budiansky

“…And the Jackal cries, “Death!”

Maximum Clonage Part 1 of 6.

Gold Edition Variant. 1 of 2,000

Marveldom is in a state of shock after the stunning revelation in Spectacular Spider-Man 226 that Peter Parker is the Spider-Clone! Wow, where does the web-slinger go from here? Meanwhile in Springville, Pennsylvania; the Jackal releases his new and improved Carrion virus and kills the city’s entire population! As news of the massacre spreads, the Scarlet Spider and the New Warriors rush to the keystone state! But so does Spidercide! In a forest just outside of town, the confusing battle takes place! The New Warriors vs. Spidercide vs. the Scarlet Spider! Can Ben Reilly convince the warriors that he’s on their side before Spidercide escapes? And back in New York City, the wall-crawler climbs to the top of the Empire State Building and bumps into…the Jackal! Story continues in Web of Spider-Man 127. First appearance of Rafael Carago (aka Helix). Cameo appearances by Kaine, Mary Jane Watson, Walter Rosen, and the Punisher. New Warriors Lineup: Firestar, Justice, Powerpax, Speedball, and Turbo.