Spider-Man Maximum Clonage Omega

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Aug, 1995
Cover Price: $4.95
Cover Artist: Robert Brown, Terry Austin
Writer: Tom Lyle
Artists: Robert Brown, Roy Burdine, Mark Bagley, Tom Lyle
Colorer: John Kalisz
Inkers: Sam De La Rosa, Randy Emberlin, Roy Burdine, Al Milgrom, Scott Hanna
Letterers: Joe Rosen, Susan Crespi
Editors: Danny Fingeroth, Bob Budiansky

Mary Jane, the Scarlet Spider (aka Ben Reilly), and the Gwen Stacy clone lay it all on the line to eradicate the evil of the Jackal once and for all! Can the combined might and determination of the foursome, both the clones and the non-clones, finally silence the Jackal (and defuse his carrion virus bomb)? Or will Professor Miles Warren’s devious alter-ego continue to haunt Peter and Ben and their loved ones forever? An epic conclusion!