The Punisher Vol 1 #227

Publisher: Marvel
Publish Date: Sep, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99
Cover Artist: Clayton Crain
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Stefano Landini
Colorer: Lee Loughridge
Inker: Stefano Landini
Letterer: Cory Petit
Editors: Jake Thomas, Kathleen Wisneski, Mark Basso
Guest Appearances: Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Baron Zemo

Punisher: War Criminal – Part Four


• The Punisher and Black Widow go off the grid on a secret mission of revenge!

• Frank and Natasha are now Most Wanted by heroes and villains alike!

• The War Machine armor is busted, and with the forces coming down on our heroes, they’re going to need every bit of firepower they can get.