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  • Marvel Encyclopedia: Marvel Knights

    On the mean streets of the Marvel Universe, the kid gloves come off. Guardian devils, vengeance-seeking vigilantes, and enigmatic assassins stalk the city’s dark underbelly and the urban action unfolds with gritty intensity. Marvel’s best-selling ENCYCLOPEDIA series continues with this fully illustrated, comprehensive hardcover featuring in-depth biographies and statistics for this special brand of heroes […]

  • Marvel Encyclopedia Vol 1 Spider-Man

    The best-selling Marvel Encyclopedia series continues in its original format! This fully illustrated, comprehensive deluxe hardcover volume includes in-depth biographies, statistics, and essential reading lists for the world’s most popular comic book hero, Spider-Man, and all his friends and foes like the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Mary Jane Watson! An essential Who’s Who of […]

  • Marvel Encyclopedia Vol 1 #1

    Pictures and biographies of Marvel heroes and villains. Covers the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, X-Men, Marvel Knights, Max, Ultimate Marvel, Call of Duty, and an array of Marvel villains.

  • Official Handbook of the MU A - Z Vol 1 #9

    240pg Hardcover Consider this an intervention: You like to pretend you can tell the difference between Ronan and Ronin, but you can’t keep it up. Let go of your Pride, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe was made for people like you! Where else are you going to get comprehensive biographies on everyone from […]

  • Punisher Assassin's Guild

    Has the Punisher compromised his principles? Why else would he ally himself with a team of assassins to slay a gangland leader? The reason behind the bitter alliance is only one of the searing surprises in this, the grittiest Punisher saga of the season!

  • Punisher Blood on the Moors

    The past collides with the present in this bloody tale of revenge. Frank Castle, a.k.a. the Punisher, brings his particular brand of justice to Scotland. Frank must butt heads with the ancient warrior known as the Clansman for the right to settle an old score with a slippery mobster.

  • Punisher Kingdom Gone

    The Punisher heads to paradise to track down a powerful drug lord. But to get to his target, he’ll have to fight his way through an army of mercenaries and an invading militarty force sponsored by the US government. Hard Cover