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  • Punisher Magazine UK Autumn Special

    Punisher Autumn Special  3 explosive adventures, including the origin story!  This magazine was released in fall of 1992 More info to come.

  • Punisher Magazine UK #30

    The Boxer From Opening Shots:Frank Castle is about to make Raging Bull look like a play school picnic outing. He’s heard that the fix is about to be put on the up-and-coming boxer B. J. Johnson and while The Punisher doesn’t’ mind bending the rules, he does like to see the average Joe get a […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #29

    Bad Trip From Opening Shots:The Punisher‘s exchanged the scum-sucking hellhole of New York for the bright lights and smog of Las Vegas. He’s hoping to deal a dead man’s hand to an assassin, Belzer, who’s out to get a key witness in a major case against organised crime. Btu with both hitmen undercover in a […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #28

    The Spider From Opening Shots:From the concrete jungles of Manhattan to the boiling deserts of the Australian outback, from the high-tech of the Battle Van to the natural simplicity of the camel, The Punisher is in pursuit of Spider Roque — ex-Anzac-turned smack dealer. But the chase isn’t easy, especially when it spills over into […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #27

    Face Off From Opening Shots:The Punisher‘s efforts to bring chaos to the Kinpin’s business empire are at last paying dividends. But it has cost the vigilante two of his friends while the rest of his band have barely escaped the crime lord’s wrath. But the pressure is on and the final battle is now only […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #26

    Computer War From Opening Shots:Kingpin has out-guessed The Punisher and his cohorts as they attempt to rip-off a large amount of cash from the crime lord. Now they’re on the run in the battle van, pursued by the Kingpin’s own war wagon. Move over Mad Max — here’s pretty annoyed Punisher!

  • Punisher Magazine UK #25

    Escalation From Opening Shots:In his war agains the Kingpin, The Punisher is no longer alone. He has been joined by Conchita, the heavily-armed wife of one of his old Vietnam buddies, killed saving The Punisher‘s life. There is also Brooks and Reese, teacher and pupil at a school wreaked by drugs pushed by the crime […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #24

    To Topple the Kingpin From Opening Shots:The Kingpin controls just about every vice imaginable. Gambling, extortion, bribery … and drug dealing. That even extends to pushing crack in high schools. However, the school connection received a major blow when The Punisher laid waste to the Kingpin’s gang of pushers. So it is that the crime […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #23

    Crucible From Opening Shots:The senseless killings of old Vietnam friends now make sense to The Punisher. They were assasinated by The Sniper, an ex-member of Castle’s old squad, to stop up any possible leaks about the drug dealings of Colonel Schoonover, Castle’s command in Vietnam and The Sniper’s employer. Schoonover was about to run for […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #22

    Sniper From Opening Shots:It is said that for some, the Vietnam War will never end. That that tragic bitter conflict haunts their every waking moment and tears its way into their nightmares in a shower of tracers and napalm. One such veteran is Frank Castle, who now finds the ghosts of Vietnam past rearing their […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #21

    Child’s Play: part 2 From Opening Shots:When a huge shipment of drugs is discovered about to hit the streets of  New York, certain concerned citizens temporarily free The Punisher from jail to deal with it. This he does with his usual zeal, but he’ll be damned if he’s going to return to prison. Instead, he […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #20

    Child’s Play: part 1 From Opening Shots:Punisher’s back in the slammer. Ryker’s Island penitentiary is starting to become like his second home, especially as his war against crime continues to solve the overcrowding problem in the prison. But to certain parties, The Punisher is much more useful on the outside. That’s wy they’ve arranged to have […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #19

    Social Studies From Opening Shots:There can’t be many schools where you can learn everything there is to know about flick-knives. Or get a degree in Crack-Pushing for Post-Graduate Students. But that’s the sort of sorry state that the Malcolm Shabazz High School is in. Here, the teachers are more likely to receive corporal punishment than […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #18

    Sacrifice Play From Opening Shots:Punisher loves it when a plan comes together. Understandably, he’s none to happy at the moment, because his efforts to helpa mass killer on his way to hell have gone a little astray. Having gone to enormous lengths to free the murderer from a maximum security prison, he then beats The […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #17

    Castle Technique From Opening Shots:Guess what? The Punisher is going to break into a Maximum Security Prison to rescue a deranged multiple killer in a helicopter. He’s then going to take the killer to a gang of murderers hiding under a cloak of political terrorism. The good news is that the killer is never going to […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #16

    Second Sight From Opening Shots:The Punisher has gone south of the border, down Mexico way. But he’s not after bandits or pistolleros, and he hasn’t been hired by poor villagers to defend their crops. Instead, he’s after some real scumballs. These guys are bringing desperate Mexicans across the border in to Texas USA — the […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #15

    The Creep From Opening Shots:There’s Justice and there’s justice. The Punisher‘s dealings with law-breakers usually consits of retribution grown from the barrel of an Uzi. But there are those who still believe that although the System isn’t the greatest in the World, it’s still the only one we’ve got and as such, should be used to […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #14

    Insider Trading From Opening Shots:Arnold Hansen and Rocky Erikson are the only two members of the Billionaire Boys’ Club. With a name like that, it’s hardly surprising to find that they don’t sit around campfires, singing Ging Gang Goolie. No, they’re more into swindling millions of dollars from the public, thereby generating untold misery and […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #13

    The Ghosts of Wall Street From Opening Shots:The Punisher has fought in many jungles. South America — South East Asia. West Africa. Hell’s Kitchen. Yet no jungle, whether vegetable or concrete can be so complex and dangerous as that of Wall Street. Here, millions of lives can be made miserable by the greedy and corrupt, […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #12

    Wild Rose From Opening Shots:It started with the death of a load of dustmen. That led to a gang war between the Rosettis and the Mecozzis. That, not surprisingly, attracted The Punisher like a fly to something nasty on the sidewalk. He then stumbled onto a pair of Arabs determined to turn a section of […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #11

    Garbage From Opening Shots:You must know how it feels to be woken up in the wee-small hours of the morning by the dustmen. The clang of bins, the splat of mouldy nappies, the considerate, husband whispers of your friendly rubbish collectors. You could just kill them, couldn’t you. In New Jersey, home of, amongst others, […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #10

    the Ministry of Death From Opening Shots:The Church of the Saved. Nice people. They take the lonely, the poor, the desperate, and steal everything they’ve got. Then they turn them into cannon fodder for the Reverend Sammy Smith’s war against the US authorities. Now a boatload of cannon fodder is on it’s way to the […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #9

    the Rev From Opening Shots:When The Punisher‘s supply sergeant is killed by members of the Church of the Saved, he’s naturally curious to find out why. What he discovers is an organisation that promises the weak, desperate and helpless salvation, and in return gives them nothing and takes everything; an organisation that has left behind […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #8

    The Devil Came from Kansas From Opening Shots:A battle-weary Punisher decides to take a break this week. Surprise, surprise, the queit backwater town he decides to rest up in is also the target for a pack of bank robbers. But these aren’t your average run-of-the-mill, gun-toting, hardened criminals. What you have here is a gang […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #7

    Bolivia From Opening Shot:Frank Castle never did like Curtis Hoyle. But thatwas a long time ago in some Asian hellhole. Since then, Castle has loved and lost a family, and shed his old identity to become The Punsiher. As for, Hoyle, he was believed to have died in Vietnam. He didn’t. He went to Bolivia […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #6

    Marching Powder From Opening Shots:The Punisher, having put paid to the sinister Trust, is back on the streets of New York among the crime and the filth. He is a man haunted by his past and when a ghost from Vietnam enters his life, he knows something has to be done. Curtis Hoyle, one of […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #5

    Final Solution: part 2 From Opening Shots:Everybody hates being used. It makes you angry, annoyed, bitter. But then again, most people aren’t armed with an Uzi 9 millimetre. The Punisher is and he’s been used by The Trust — numerous powerful citizens banded together to stop crime. They got him to start a gang war that […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #4

    Final Solution! From Opening Shots:Just who are the good guys? Things are going wrong for The Punisher in a big way.  The gang war he started is burning up the streets of New York like forest fire! Innocent people are being killed in the crossfire! People who The Punisher thought were allies are turning against […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #3

    Circle of Blood: chapter 3 From Opening Shots:It is Slaughterday. With the Kingpin supposedly dead, rival factions of The Mob have turned New York into a battleground. Amid the carnage. The Punisher can only stand and watch as more and more innocent lives are lost in the crossfire from the war he started. The fighting […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #2

    Circle of Blood: chapter 2 From Opening Shots:He’s out. Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, has been covertly set free from his incarceration in Ryker’s Island Prison. His liberators are The Trust, a group of influential citizen’s — including the Ryker’s Island Prison Warder — concerned with destroying organised crime. They are now backing The Punisher in his personal […]

  • Punisher Magazine UK #1

    Circle of Blood: chapter 1 From Opening Shots:Frank Castle — a family man, a distinguished Vietnam veteran who loved his wife and children. They’re dead now — killed by a Mob hitman when Castle’s family picnic happened on a mafia execution. Grief-stricken and enraged, Castle hit back — as The Punisher! After engaging in his own personal war against organised crime, […]

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher Vol 2 #11 and Punisher Vol 2 #14

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher Vol 2 #15 and Punisher Vol 2 #16

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher Vol 2 #17 and Punisher Vol 2 #18

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher Vol. 2 #1 and Punisher Vol. 2 #2

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher Vol. 02 #4 and Punisher Vol. 02 #5

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher Vol 2 #6 and Punisher Vol 2 #7

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher Vol 2 #19 and Punisher Vol 2 #20

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher War Journal Vol 1 #1

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher Vol 2 #12 and Punisher Vol 2 #13

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher #1

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher Vol 2 #10 and Daredevil #257

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher Vol 2 #8 and Punisher Vol 2 #9

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher #2 and Punisher #3

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher #4 and Punisher #5

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher War Journal #2 and Punisher Annual #2

  • This story is a reprint of Punisher War Journal #3 and Punisher War Journal #8

  • To commemorate twenty years of down and dirty Punisher action, the Punisher Anniversary Magazine arrives! This 48-page Marvel Age special, printed on vibrant glossy stock, is chock full of profiles of the creative people who made Frank Castle the maniac he is today, the inside scoop of the radical plans for 1994, and insights into […]

  • Marvel Preview Vol 1 #2

    Death Sentence First origin story for the Punisher written by Gerry Conway, art by Tony DeZuniga; The Executioner Speaks Out!

  • Marvel Super Action Vol 1 #1

    Accounts Settled… Accounts Due!