Punisher 2099

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  • The Punisher 2099 #1

    “Deadly Genesis” After his family is murdered by the serial killer Kron Stone, Jake Gallows is outraged when Kron is set free with little more then a slap on the wrist due to his social status; Jake is disillusioned by the legal system of his era and then uses the War Journal of Frank Castle […]

  • The Punisher 2099 #2

    “The Morning After” Jake Gallows AKA Punisher 2099 seeks vengeance for the death of his family, targeting Kron Stone and his gang of murderers; Kron wears a device stopping all fast-moving projecticles; he is bulletproof; So Jake Gallows slowly stabs him; Other forces gather to target the new vigilante in town.

  • The Punisher 2099 #3

    “Last Exit From the Bronx” Punisher stops the dealer who was selling illegal virtual reality discs and takes him to the Punishment Hotel where decides to imprison him for 20 years; Later at work Punisher finds out that the girl who was buying virtual reality discs jumped off the bridge and died while being under […]

  • The Punisher 2099 #4

    “Heroes Day” The Punisher helps a neighborhood besieged by violent forces; The local vigilante dies; The Punisher mourns until the mask is picked up by another and the hero lives on.

  • The Punisher 2099 #5

    “Punishment Hotel” Punishment Hotel, script by Pat Mills, Tony Skinner, art by Tom Morgan and Jimmy Palmiotti; The jail the Punisher set up has a break-out.

  • The Punisher 2099 #6

    “Techno Gladiators” The Punisher battles Multi-Fractor rages on; Punisher gets the best of Multi-Fractor at first, but corrupt cops help Multi-Fractor; Matt Axel helps Punisher defeat Multi-Fractor; Matt takes control of Punisher’s suit and shoots the cops; Punisher blames Frearmaster for making him cross that line.

  • The Punisher 2099 #7

    “Love and Bullets: Part 1 of 3: Confession” A mysterious relationship develops between Jake Gallows and Kerry, the psychiatrist sent to investigate him!

  • The Punisher 2099 #8

    “Love and Bullets: Part 2 of 3: Passion” Spider-Man 2099’s Tyler Stone guest stars! Jake finds a new reason for living…and the Fearmaster has found a new reason for killing!

  • The Punisher 2099 #9

    “Love and Bullets: Part 3 of 3: Requiem” The only relationship Jake Gallows has had since the brutal death of his family is shattered!

  • The Punisher 2099 #10

    “Jigsaw 2099” When Jake suffers a tragic loss, he struggles to pick up the pieces! But, because what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, expect ol’ Jake to use his rage to fuel a frenzied campaign against crime!

  • The Punisher 2099 #11

    “The Gathering Storm” Jigsaw 2099 goes to pieces!

  • The Punisher 2099 #12

    “Hard Sky” The crown jewel in the sky, the city of Valhalla is rocked from its moorings. The resulting effects are utter chaos! These events lead up to next month’s huge crossover involving all the 2099 titles.

  • The Punisher 2099 #13

    “THE FALL OF THE HAMMER: Part 5 of 5 – All for One” In the conclusion to the first-ever 2099 crossover, Spider-Man 2099 teams up with Jake Gallows to save the doomed city of Valhalla! And what is the fate of the New Asgardians? Also featuring appearances by Doom 2099 and Ravage 2099.

  • The Punisher 2099 #14

    “Young Blades” Is the Punisher going mad? Jake loses control of himself, vowing to take his mission of retribution more seriously than ever!

  • The Punisher 2099 #15

    “The Public Enemy File: Part 1 of 3” Don’t miss the showdown between the Punisher and the Fearmaster! This conflict has been building for a while now, and the fight was worth the wait! Also in this issue is a brand new villain, the Public Enemy, who’s in the middle of a killing spree!

  • The Punisher 2099 #16

    “The Public Enemy File: Part 2 of 3” The Punisher 2099 is armed and dangerous when he straps on a new limb — a cybernetic arm with enough firepower to destroy a military base! Secrets about weapon master Matt Axel’s shadowy past are revealed!

  • The Punisher 2099 #17

    “The Public Enemy File: Part 3 of 3” The Punisher takes on an all-new villain whose inhuman strength and gold plated armor make him virtually invincible. Is the Punisher committing suicide when he sets out to stop him? Appearances by Goldheart and the Public Enemy.

  • The Punisher 2099 #18

    “Armed and Dangerous” Goldheart’s reign of terror! Cop Jake Gallows is assigned a new partner. Boy, is he teed off when he learns it’s none other than the killer he fought last month as his alter ego, the Punisher!

  • The Punisher 2099 #19

    “The Dawn of…Vendetta” Don’t miss the dynamic debut of an all-new Punisher! ‘Nuff said!

  • The Punisher 2099 #20

    “Deadlier than the Male” Incredible artist Simon Coleby jumps on as new regular penciler. Unfortunately, Simon may not have a main character to draw once Vendetta gets through with the Punisher!

  • The Punisher 2099 #21

    “Punisher Versus Punisher!” Family reunions aren’t usually much fun. But, when the Punisher is reunited with a long-lost super-powered relative by the name of Hotwire, it’s down-right deadly! Will he have to draw the blood of his blood relative? Or will it be Jake’s blood that ends up being spilled?

  • The Punisher 2099 #22

    “Sins of the Father” It’s the final explosive showdown between the Punisher and Hotwire! It’s father against son as Jake may have to kill his own flesh and blood to survive!

  • The Punisher 2099 #23

    “Ghost in the Machine” Jake takes on Hotwire, plus it’s the explosive debut of the Punisher’s most powerful adversary: Synchron!

  • The Punisher 2099 #24

    “Fatal Attraction” The Punisher meets Synchron in a reality-shattering battle that will leave you reeling! This issue leads to the incredible events occurring next issue!  

  • The Punisher 2099 #25

    52-page giant; Embossed foil cover. “Crazed” “Public Enemy 2: Part 2 of a Once-in-a-Lifetime Prequel” “Rig World” The Punisher of 2099 celebrates his 25th big issue! There’s no stopping a Punisher-gone-crazy! After falling under the spell of a techno-assassin, the Punisher embarks on a frenzied carnage spree.  

  • Punisher 2099 #25 b

    “Crazed” “Public Enemy 2: Part 2 of a Once-in-a-Lifetime Prequel” “Rig World” The Punisher of 2099 celebrates his 25th big issue! There’s no stopping a Punisher-gone-crazy! After falling under the spell of a techno-assassin, the Punisher embarks on a frenzied carnage spree.  

  • The Punisher 2099 #26

    “Suicide Run” Don’t miss the big showdown between Jake and the Manitou! The city is on its knees and the police are helpless to save it. Can the Punisher defeat the Manitou before he takes the whole metropolis down?

  • The Punisher 2099 #27

    “The Blue Dagger” The return of Blue Max! The Punisher thought the flying skateboarder died in issue #14…but she and her deadly young blades gang are back and cruisin’ for a bruisin’!

  • The Punisher 2099 #28

    “Truth and Lies” The Punisher becomes Jake Gallows: Agent of SHIELD! As the “Minister of Punishment,” Gallows will make them all suffer. But who will replace the Punisher? Major changes are in store this issue!

  • The Punisher 2099 #29

    “Playing God” Doom names Jake Gallows his Minister of Punishment, giving Gallows the power to dispense justice as he sees fit!

  • The Punisher 2099 #30

    “Deadly at the Top” Doom’s Minister of Punishment is out of control! That is, until a new Punisher arrives to take Jake Gallows down!

  • The Punisher 2099 #31

    “Flesh and Steel” Jake Gallows: corrupt Agent of SHIELD? With Jake’s personal fall imminent, will Doom take matters into his own iron-plated hands?

  • The Punisher 2099 #32

    “Gravity Bites” The Punisher 2099’s own countdown begins! Doom and SHIELD close in as Jake runs out of ammo!

  • The Punisher 2099 #33

    “The Blue Star” It’s the return of Vendetta as the Punisher 2099’s own countdown continues!

  • The Punisher 2099 #34

    “The Stars are Skulls” Final fatal issue! Punisher is on the run for his life, leaving death in his wake! The countdown hits zero as the noose closes around Gallows’ neck! This blow-out leads directly into 2099 Apocalypse (1995) #1!