Punisher Back to School Special

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  • Punisher Back to School #1

    Four Punisher Tales – “The Sinner!” A poignant moment, as Frank Castle visits the graves of his family. “Mott Haven 10454!” Frank Castle goes undercover at a high school to discover the origins of illegal guns being sold to teenagers. “Childs Play!” A youngster soon learns that it’s a dangerous game to idolize a man […]

  • Punisher Back to School #2

    Four Punisher Tales “No Pain!” The Punishwer sets out to stop a steroid scandal. “Stage Fright!” The Punisher means to stop a heavy metal band that murders people on stage. “Lost Lands!” When an army of homeless are led by a madman, the Punisher decides to intervene. “Sorry, My Mistake!” At a police station, Frank […]

  • Punisher Back to School #3

    “Brain Drain High!” Frank once again goes undercover at a high school, this time to find out who is selling drugs students. “Ahead of the Game!” ¬†Punisher heads to Little Malaysia to take down a serial killer. “The Lesson!” ¬†Dee Dee Ray Walker, now a paraplegic, speaks to students about staying in school.